Apply for the 2019 ACE Grant

​Thank you for your interest in the ACE program. This program, sponsored by the Young Professionals of Dublin-Laurens County (YPDLC) has been implemented to provide funding for creative teaching projects for Title 1 schools within the Dublin-Laurens County area. To apply for an ACE grant, you must complete the official application and return it by 5:00 p.m. on September 6, 2019 via email at or mail it to the YPDLC Post Office box at the following address:                                          


Young Professionals of Dublin-Laurens County

P.O. Box 1182

Dublin, GA 31040

Attn:  ACE Program

Applications will be reviewed and recipients will be presented at the YPDLC Fall Meeting/Social. A review committee consisting of YPDLC members and public school personnel will determine the grant recipients.  Proposals will be judged anonymously with no mention of school or location.  Grants will be awarded in any amount up to $200.

The projects should be implemented during the coming school year.  Each winner must submit a typed evaluation of his/her winning project along with photographs or video supporting your implementation in the classroom by June 1, 2019.

All applications should be a lesson with activities with students, not just a request for supplies and materials. The ACE grant should be completed by interested teachers and not assigned or used as a college project or an assignment that will result in any type of credit, a grade, an evaluation or extra credit for a teacher.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in denial of eligibility to participate in this program. 


When completing the application please:

  • No mention of your school name or socioeconomic make-up in the application body.

  • No attachments.  If attachments are sent, the application will not be considered for a grant.  (ex. pictures of class, letters from students, etc.)

  • Teachers may submit more than one application. However, a teacher is eligible to only receive one grant per academic year.

  • If a teacher resigns or changes school systems, he/she will forfeit all grant monies.

  • Submit a copy of your application one of two ways; via email at or to the YPDLC P.O. Box listed above. Applications should be very detailed and include specific costs of products.

  • Please, do not request supplies provided by your school/system. School officials will review your application and applications requesting such materials will be denied.

Download the 2019 ACE Grant Application by clicking the Word icon below: